I  believe, and hope, I have attempted to make my feelings clear on why   I, as a parent of a murdered son, am so adamantly opposed to gun   control. Primarily, from my viewpoint, it all boils down to one simple   and logical conclusion gun control has never, and will never solve the   problem of gun violence, and firearm related homicides.  This being   said, I want to further expand on life events, circumstances and   happenstances, as I have experienced them that have led me to my  beliefs  and opinions.
 Without again elaborating the details surrounding my  son’s murderer  gaining possession of a firearm illegally, the simple  fact and  circumstance is that he did exactly that, ignored all existing  gun  control laws and got his hands on a 9 millimeter handgun illegally.
  Just a couple of days ago we were witness to an eight-hour oratorical   lambasting by Minority House Leader Pelosi of those that did not agree   with her and her liberal leftist allies in government and political   base, concerning illegal immigrants and immigration. She feels those   that have come to and are in our country illegally should be allowed  to,  and has the right to remain here at the tax paying expense of all   Americans either born or migrated here, legally.
 Further, she  adamantly feels that those here illegally must be given  protection,  sanctuary, if you will, not to be arrested and deported by  ICE when they  commit a crime. The true intent of politicians like Nancy  Pelosi is the  epitome of hypocrisy, her care, and her political ally’s  so-called  compassion for them hides a thinly veiled assurance and  attempt of those  persons giving votes to her like-minded politicians.
 Getting back  to the focus of my Facebook Page, Crime Victims Against  Gun Control,  that gun-control doesn’t work, the happenstances  surrounding my son  Tom’s murder mirrors the all too frequent news  stories reported every  day in America that many murders committed are  by members of illegal  immigrants.
 My son Tom was murdered by a member of an Asian gang in  the Los  Angeles area. At least one of  those gang members involved was  in the  U.S. illegally, coming to America at age 10 on a student visa and  never  going back to his native country of birth. Once this person was   arrested and charged with involvement of the murder of my son, stood   trial and was convicted of a lesser offense of assault with a deadly   weapon against one of his friends, he was deported back to his country   of birth after serving his time.
 From the time of my son’s murder in  1993 until the conviction and  sentencing, appeal and re-sentencing of  his murderer in 1995 my son’s  mother, sister and I were in court during  numerous hearings and court  proceedings. We even made the trip from Los  Angeles to the INS (at that  time) detention center in Eloy, Arizona to  attend the deportation  hearing of this illegal immigrant. All of these  court attendances and  the deportation hearing in 1996 were at our  expense and we were never  reimbursed one-cent for them. Yet the likes of  Nancy Pelosi and the  liberal left elitist want to compensate these  criminals either directly  or by use of the taxpayer’s money in some form  or manner.
 As I see it, and more importantly, as I have  experienced, I will  continue my battle to preserve my 2nd Amendment  Right to bear arms for  defense of home and self, while at the same time  speak out against the  politicians that will take those rights one law at  a time, while at the  same instance giving protection and sanctuary to  those illegal  immigrants that will harm or kill us.
 As President  Trump said in his SOTU message, “Americans are Dreamers  too,” but the  dreams of having a better life should not be replaced by a  legalized  nightmare of forfeiting our birthrights, benefit of our  labor and  aspirations to those that come here illegally and steal those  from us.
  At the same time, we will not stand idly by and give up our 2nd   Amendment Rights without putting up a fight, hopefully peacefully,   legally, but also defiantly if it comes to that.
 I shall always be a Crime Victim Against Gun Control as well as a victim of the results of illegal immigration.