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I  believe, and hope, I have attempted to make my feelings clear on why   I, as a parent of a murdered son, am so adamantly opposed to gun   control. Primarily, from my viewpoint, it all boils down to one simple   and logical conclusion gun control has never, and will never solve the   problem of gun violence, and firearm related homicides.  This being   said, I want to further expand on life events, circumstances and   happenstances, as I have experienced them that have led me to my  beliefs  and opinions.

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Imagine  if you will, one of your loved ones is brutally murdered by a  young  teen. Their murder is deemed so heinous, cruel, unthinkable and   barbaric that the person or persons that killed them are found unfit to   be tried as juveniles. Instead, the court finds them meeting the legal   criteria to stand trial as an adult.

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I am inaugurating this website by featuring murder victim Ross Elvey’s story as told by his wife, Maggie. After Ross’s murder, Maggie became heavily involved in the victim’s rights movement in California where his murder took place, particularly concerning violent and heinous crimes committed by juveniles.

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To reinforce the fact and that the liberal left always uses a sensational incident such as the assassination of Robert Kennedy in 1968 to cry for gun control that was a part of this article I want to refer to an article featured in Newsmax Magazine, June 2018 edition. The article was written by Paul Kengor, Ph.D. who is a political professor at Grove City College, in Grove City, PA. The article is entitled "RFK MUST DIE" and is a compilation of historical events leading up to Robert Kennedy's assassination at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles. Nothing in Dr. Kengor's article, most particularly what he wrote concerning "Liberals and Guns" reflect his opinion, pro or con about the 2nd Amendment Right to Bear Arms in America, it simply states the liberals attempt in urging new gun laws and attacked the NRA, which is part of their modus operandi (a method or procedure.)
 I have received licensing approval to use a portion of Dr. Kengor's article from Newsmax Magazine. In the article Dr. Kengor writes, "In the immediate days therefor, liberals reflexively launched a national campaign against firearms. "They demanded new gun laws, attacked the NRA, called for studies on violence, and generally pointed the finger at every bogeyman except those that truly motivated Sirhan (Kennedy's assassin.)  "The ACLU declared that the right to bear arms must be sacrificed to the more important objective of "free and fearless debate."And the ACLU mounted its highest horse in defense of --guess who?--Sirhan Sirhan. "One of Sirhan's first visitors in jail was the ACLU's A.L Wirin, a far-left attorney associated with the National Lawyers Guild and various communist fronts. (Dr. Kengor interjects using parenthesis, (Sirhan was probably not pleased to learn Wirin was Jewish.) "Liberals wanted to blame conservatives. "They wanted to blame America and its "sicknesses."
Remember, Robert Kennedy was assassinated in 1968  and who knows exactly how many times before his murder or since, the liberal left and anti-guns this same modus operandi was and is currently still being employed by them. However, one thing is crystal clear to me is this same mass liberal hysteria and hatred of the NRA and the 2nd Amendment is alive today.
So, what else is new? Times have changed , events of more shootings have occurred and it seems to this writer, what hasn't changed is the left's attempt to destroy our 2nd Amendment Rights, attacking the NRA and American gun owners, while at the same time failing to place the blame where it truly belongs, on evil persons intent on killing someone, and if there weren't any firearms, I can assure you they would have found a way to succeed in their diabolical plans.


The following is s true account of my families experiences after our son was murdered by an illegally purchased hand gun in 1993.  After his murder I became an advocate of the 2nd Amendment and vehemently opposed to gun control of any shape or hidden agenda. I have sent the remarks as contained in this post to the newly formed anti-gun organization founded by New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg "Mayors against illegal guns expressing a different view point from a victim of a murdered child that is purposely ignored and avoided by this group and then President Obama.

My letter; Dear Mayors against Illegal Guns:

My name is Ralph Myers and I want to share my story with you as a father of a son that was murdered in 1993 by a criminal that purchased his hand gun at a Los Angeles area DONUT SHOP. 

Here's my story and why I am opposed to your organization's mission to destroy our 2nd Amendment Rights under the guise of getting guns off our streets by advocating for more restrictive and to me unconstitutional gun control laws. My story is 180 degrees opposite to what your organizations stated goals are.

First; Background Checks and Waiting Periods

When my son was murdered in 1993 in the Los Angeles area California already had strict gun control laws on the books including a 15 day waiting period before one could take possession of any firearm purchased legally. This waiting period exceeded the Brady Law waiting period by ten days.

The criminal that murdered my son didn’t buy the handgun from a dealer, private citizen, gun show or any other recognizable source that has a federally approved permit to sell firearms. No, he bought it at a DONUT SHOP so all the gun control laws as your organization is advocating were meaningless in preventing my son’s murder, they will only serve to penalize those of us that are law-abiding citizens by making it more difficult to purchase a firearm.

Second; your claim that 91% of rank and file law enforcement support your organization’s objectives was not what my wife and I experienced when our son was murdered. 

In fact our experience was just the opposite of what you are claiming. Here’s what happened, what we were advised by the rank and file LAPD officers that came to our home when we found out our son had been shot and killed and what we did.

My son, who was 25 at the time lived at home with his mother and me and was a typical fun-loving California youth. He was not in a gang but was murdered by a member of an Asian gang. I only point this out because he was killed at a private party that he was invited to attend and several members of this gang attempted to crash. As the case unfolded the gang members tried to intimidate some of the partygoers that were scheduled to testify at my son’s murderer’s trial. Some of the witnesses were followed and even shot at by the gang members and I was fearful for the safety of my wife, daughter and me. My wife and I were told by the rank and file members of the LAPD they couldn’t protect us 24/7 and recommended we purchase a firearm for our home for self-protection. They also said they didn’t want us to say what they had just advised us of because of repercussions they would suffer from the anti-gun rights, politically motivated superiors of the LAPD and the mayor’s office.   

So here’s is the course of action I chose;

As a veteran of the US Army who was familiar with firearms I followed the rank and file officer’s advice of those brave men and women police officers who are on the front lines of the streets of Los Angeles risking their lives to “protect and to serve” and purchased a handgun. I did this legally, from a licensed gun store, waited the 15 days to pick it up. I then took my wife and daughter to a local gun range and taught them how to properly handle the pistol I had just purchased for our self-defense. (It is important to add here that while my son and daughter were growing up we chose not to have a firearm in our home but the key word here is we chose, not we were prohibited from having a gun in our home or on our person.) If your organization had its way and existed in 1993 I would not have had the choice to be able to defend my family and me from a criminal that didn’t abide by all the “feel good” political B.S. gun control laws that were already in existence and not being enforced.

Realizing that gun control only works for the criminal elements in society and against  the law-abiding citizens my next step was to join the National Rifle Association and take up the cause of protecting our 2nd Amendment Right to Bear Arms. As a veteran and former member of the US Army I had already sworn an oath to the US Constitution that I would uphold it (all of it not just the parts I agree with.) Now at age 71 I doubt if I have many more years left in my life but for the few that remain I will continue to fight your organizations and those that support it with all the energy I have left and until my last breath is drawn or my last dollar is spent.

As a crime victim survivor like those at Columbine, Aurora, Virginia Tech and most recently Newtown, CT I know all too well the feeling of losing someone to gun violence but I REFUSE to allow our 2nd Amendment Rights to even be altered one iota, because if I do liberal leftist elitist like you and current president we have right now will ultimately destroy it and soon after the rest of our constitutional rights.

Yesterday, the president showed his true contempt for our liberties and has been shamefully exploiting the Newtown victims to further his agenda. Contrary to what he said after the US Senate blocked the passage of more useless and unconstitutional gun control laws it is he that should be ASHAMED not the Senators that honored their oath of office to uphold all of the constitution. As a crime victim survivor I would have gladly accepted a ride on Air Force One (at tax payer expense) to testify and lobby (which I have done before in trying to get a Crime Victim’s Rights Amendment to the US Constitution but at my own expense not the tax payer’s) but my testimony would have been unwelcomed because it would have been much more different than the staged and orchestrated views of those victims he was exploiting to destroy the rights of those of us that hold the US Constitution with reverence and respect.

I am but one of millions of others that feel this strongly and WE WILL NOT GIVE UP and if your organization succeeds in its ultimate objective of taking away our 2nd Amendment Rights through the passage of more gun control laws that won’t and don’t work I feel you will have unleashed the wrath of all of us that like the criminals out there we will not comply. I too am fighting in the memory of my murdered son just as those from Newtown, CT are and my loss is no less than theirs, (which is something you or the current administration doesn’t want to hear) and I owe it to him to see that the 2nd Amendment is preserved as a barrier against a tyrannical government which I feel the current administration is on the path in becoming and as organizations such as Mayors against illegal guns are.

Ralph Myers

  • Father of murdered son Tom Myers

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